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    Author - T. PADMA, K.P.C. RAO

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    Edition - 2016

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Most writing is a private activity but a public service. You may dash off a protest letter in the solitude of your study or compile a report in the office after everyone has gone home for the night, or scribble a few secret paragraphs of your romantic novel at the kitchen table while the baby is sleeping, but in each case your intention is the same that eventually your writing will become the reading matter of someone else, that your private words will ‘go public’.
Writing, in other words, is above all for communication- for conveying ideas and feelings from your mind to another mind. Apart from a few oddities-filling out a crossword puzzle, or writing ‘LS Loves JM’ in the sand at a low tide-this is true of all writing tasks. Even with such activities as taking lecture notes, or recording a funny incident in your secret diary, you are still writing to communicate… to communicate with your future self. 
The English language contains about 490,000 words plus about 300,000 technical words. It is doubtful if any individual uses more than 60,000 words. Written English uses about 10,000 words while spoken English, by the better educated, uses about 5,000 words. Effective communication in the English language requires that we follow a few simple rules that can be learnt and practiced by anyone. We just need to keep in mind the purpose of communication. The purpose of communication is to (1) Issue, receive, interpret, act on commands (2) Maintain relations – personal and business (3) Structure the environment – share information / define jobs.  This can easily and more effectively be achieved by adopting the ‘Direct, Simple, Brief, Vigorous and Lucid’ way in all our communications.
The hallmarks of good writing, then, are the hallmarks of all good communication.  The ABCs of these hallmarks are:
• Accuracy, appropriateness, attentiveness, avoidance of  ambiguity.
• Brevity or conciseness, brightness or buoyancy.
• Correctness (of usage and grammar), clarity, consistency, concreteness.
All of these hallmarks will be discussed in this book. This book also focuses on the topics like Vocabulary, Comprehension Skills, Composition of Skills, Speech Training, Speech Making and will be useful to the students of the 5 year law degree course to enable them to get a broad understanding of the subject that would be covered under the revised syllabi with effect from the academic year 2009-2010.
We owe our gratitude to Mr. D. Durga Prasad, LL.B, FCS, for his personal attention, inputs and technical support. Our thanks are also due to Mr. M.Venkateswarlu for his wholehearted and efficient secretarial support in bringing out this Book.

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