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About Us

More than four decades ago, our Journal, the ALT publications took its birth along with the birth of the High court of Andhra at Guntur. At that time this Journal received blessings in a large measure from the high dignitaries of the Governments and the legal luminaries, who adorned the Bench. In this context, we recall the Messages that we received from the President, Vice-President, Governor of Andhra Pradesh apart from Judges and other dignitaries among others.

As technology developed, after we took over the Journal, we have modernized the typing of Head-Notes and judgments on computers and adopted modern methods of printing.

In our endeavor to cater to the needs of the legal profession, we have undertaken publication of the ALT publications(Criminal), Andhra Weekly Reporter, ALT(Revenue) and ALT(Legislative Supplement) and we are now doing our best to place extensive legal material before the bench and the bar and others concerned with law. We have been able to achieve this much of progress because of the tireless efforts of the founder and publisher of these Journals, Sri. L.D.GOGIA to whom we are indebted in a large measure. In this effort to popularize our Journals he had toured several places, towns and district Head Quarters of A.P. and other parts of India.

In this context it may not be out of place to record that some of well wishers from the bar had earlier become Judges of the High Court of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Very recently, one of our Honorary Editors Sri P.S.Narayana has been elevated as a Judge of the High Court of A.P. We take this opportunity to congratulate his Lordship. We hope and trust that his blessings shall continue with us.

In our publications we have received maximum assistance from our Editors, many of whom happen to be retired officers of the Judiciary.

The High Court is pleased to recommended our Journals for use in the High Court and the Subordinate Courts. For this we are thankful to the High Court.

It shall always be our cherished desire and endeavor to do our best in the field of Law Journalism.